Friday, November 4, 2011

Latest Book I'm Lovin' On...

And we're back. Sorry we've been slacking but our reading hasn't stopped! Now on to what brought me out of our review/blogging stupor! Significance by Shelly Crane! Get it at or click on my awkward link below:

Ok, there is probably a much more suave way of linking to the book, but just click on it anyways.  I'm out of practice.

Now, about this much loved book.  It is a supernatural romance but doesn't have any of our beloved vampires/werewolves/fairies/etc.  This is a bit more of a soul mate and all the great things that can happen once you meet your soulmate kinda book. 

While I am going to depart from the usual route of going over the entire plot, I will give you a basic synopsis to get you on the bandwagon that I am clearly trying to recruit for, so here it is:  Maggie is a teenager who meets Caleb on the night of her highschool graduation and the moment they accidentally touch, they have a bond that can't be broken. So basically- it is this all consuming love they immediately have for each other and it freaks Maggie out.  Caleb is familiar with why it is happening and he is there to help Maggie understand what she has just stumbled into.

Shelly Crane is able to weave so much chemistry between Maggie and Caleb that you are eagerly reading as fast as you can to find out what is going on between the two of them. While there are some classic Young Adult scenarios throughout the book, i.e.- Maggie is a loner.  Shelly Crane does a great job of using some of those devices in a new way.  Maggie wasn't always a loner but her senior year of high school brought some major changes.  Thankfully Caleb is also introduced in a way that doesn't feel stale. No 'brooding new guy' to stare at Maggie from across the classroom.  This book feels like it hits all the classic themes of a young adult book without it feeling recycled. 

I know I usually gush about books I love on here but I implore you guys to read this book and the sequel, Accordance and tell me you don't love Maggie and Caleb.  So check out the books and get back to me!


P.S. My kindle has passed away and I am heartbroken. Hopefully Santa brings me a new one this year, so until I get a new one, I can't buy anymore books that are strictly for Kindle.  I have found that some of those books are the best reading and for the best prices!