Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We know we have been a little absent as of late, so today Bianca and I were trying to figure out what exactly we wanted to achieve with this blog. It is pretty simple; we love books and want to share our love with others. So seeing as how we have been learning the art of reviewing, we have decided that while we continue to review books we are also going to give you little insights into just how obsessed we are with books.

These little snippets will just be fun/interesting things that somehow tie into the books we love or even didn't love so much. A little example of this is how some authors have 'playlists' that is sort of a soundtrack to their books. Kind of a musical log of how a book progresses for them. Maybe we won't do a playlist, per se, but a song will remind us of a book or character from time to time and it's fun to share.

With that in mind, here is an awesome example of when that happens: in a complete coincidence, while we were talking about songs that relate to books we have read, the band Mumford and Sons came up. The song White Blank Page seems to be written from none other than Jacob's (Twilight) point of view. Both Bianca and I had expressed this thought to other people before ever telling other. So it must be true, no?

So tell us dear dear readers, do you ever hear a song and feel as though it goes perfectly with an unrelated book? Share!